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Business Insights sells and supports all aspects the below products



Implement a robust and agile planning process to improve budgeting and forecasting accuracy and shorten cycle times. Create a single source of truth that is always up to date and available any time, on any device. Automate all your tasks, requests and workflows to reduce planning cycles and improve team productivity. Continuously monitor and update your forecasts throughout the year for greater insight and increased agility. Adopt a repeatable, standardized process that easily updates to reflect any changes in your ERP system, while maintaining a full audit trail. Create models that reflect how your business works by building any type of form, supporting top-down, bottom-up, zero-based, and hybrid budgeting models.

Jet Analytics / TimeXtender

This technology Automates the process of building a data platform, by automating code, generating documentation and managing Governance. Built on the Microsoft Data Platform (SQL/Azure) it reduces build costs by 70% 

Jet Analytics takes this a step further for the Dynamics ERP Product (NAV/Business Central and AX/FO) and generates ready-made Data Warehouse and Cubes for these solutions.


Jet Reports

Jet Reports is an advanced financial and business reporting solution inside of Excel and on the web. Designed specifically for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platforms, and you can connect to any datasource

  • Use your existing Excel skills to develop automated reports

  • Eliminate Manual Processes

  • Drill down on the numbers directly from Excel and access them from anywhere

  • Built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics and install in minutes with prebuilt reports and templates.

  • Connect to other data-sources 

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